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Genesis 35:8

Genesis 35:8
But Deborah Rebekah's nurse died, and she was buried beneath Bethel under an oak: and the name of it was called Allonbachuth.

a. ASV: And Deborah Rebekah’s nurse died, and she was buried below Beth-el under the oak: and the name of it was called Allon-bacuth.

b. YLT: And Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, dieth, and she is buried at the lower part of Bethel, under the oak, and he calleth its name 'Oak of weeping.'

c. Amplified Bible Classic: But Deborah, Rebekah’s nurse, died and was buried below Bethel under an oak; and the name of it was called Allon-bacuth [oak of weeping].

d. Septuagint: And Deborrha, Rebecca's nurse, died, and was buried below Baethel under the oak; and Jacob called its name, The Oak of Mourning.

e. Stone Edition Torah/Prophets/Writings: Deborah, the wet nurse of Rebecca, died, and she was buried below Bethel, below the plateau; and he named it Allon-bachuth

1. “But Deborah Rebekah's nurse died, and she was buried beneath Bethel under an oak…”

a. [But] Deborah [Strong: 1683 Dᵉbôwrâh, deb-o-raw'; or (shortened) דְּבֹרָה Dᵉbôrâh; the same as H1682; Deborah, the name of two Hebrewesses:—Deborah.]

b. Rebekah’s [Strong: 7259 Ribqâh, rib-kaw'; from an unused root probably meaning to clog by tying up the fetlock; fettering (by beauty); Ribkah, the wife of Isaac:—Rebekah.]

c. nurse [Strong: 3243 yânaq, yaw-nak'; a primitive root; to suck; causatively, to give milk:—milch, nurse(-ing mother), (give, make to) suck(-ing child, -ling).]

d. died [Strong: 4191 mûwth, mooth; a primitive root; to die (literally or figuratively); causatively, to kill:—× at all, × crying, (be) dead (body, man, one), (put to, worthy of) death, destroy(-er), (cause to, be like to, must) die, kill, necro(-mancer), × must needs, slay, × surely, × very suddenly, × in (no) wise.]

e. [and she was] buried [Strong: 6912 qâbar, kaw-bar'; a primitive root; to inter:—× in any wise, bury(-ier).]

f. beneath [Strong: 8478 tachath takh'-ath from the same as 8430; the bottom (as depressed); only adverbially, below (often with prepositional prefix underneath), in lieu of, etc.:--as, beneath, X flat, in(-stead), (same) place (, room, for...sake, stead of, under, X unto, X when...was mine, whereas, (where-)fore, with.]

g. Bethel [Strong: 1008  Bêyth-ʼÊl, bayth-ale'; from H1004 and H410; house of God; Beth-El, a place in Palestine:—Beth-el.]

1). The Genesis Record, Henry M. Morris: “ At this point, the writer notes that it was at this time and place that Deborah, Rebekah’s nurse, died…Jacob had known Deborah all his life. She had come with Rebekah from Mesopotamia when Rebekah had left to marry Isaac, and had no doubt cared for Jacob from the time he was born. She had not of course accompanied him when he fled from Esau to Haran…The record does not say when she rejoined Jacob, but it was probably on the occasion of one of his visits to Isaac while he was living at Shechem. In fact, her presence in Jacob’s household is one of the reasons we are confident that he did visit his father during those years. Furthermore, the fact that she was now with Jacob is proof that Rebekah herself was dead at this time.”

2. “...and the name of it was called Allonbachuth.”

a. [and the] name[of it] [Strong: 8034 shêm, shame; a primitive word [perhaps rather from H7760 through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; compare H8064]; an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character:—+ base, (in-) fame(-ous), named(-d), renown, report.]

b. [was] called [Strong: 7121 qârâʼ, kaw-raw'; a primitive root (rather identical with H7122 through the idea of accosting a person met); to call out to (i.e. properly, address by name, but used in a wide variety of applications):—bewray (self), that are bidden, call (for, forth, self, upon), cry (unto), (be) famous, guest, invite, mention, (give) name, preach, (make) proclaim(-ation), pronounce, publish, read, renowned, say.]

c. Allonbachuth [Strong: 439 ʼAllôwn Bâkûwth, al-lone' baw-kooth'; from H437 and a variation of H1068; oak of weeping; Allon-Bakuth, a monumental tree:—Allon-bachuth.]

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